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Exhibition "Pet Expo 2024"
March 02./03

Angela Nargilo won - Best Veteran & Best opp. sex veteran; 9th place in Neutered cat ring 
Elvis Romarcey Lanc won - Best adult cat in highland fold cat show & 8th place in pointed color show.

Pictures coming soon :)

Exhibition "Pet Expo 2023"
March 11./12th

Archibald Nargilo won - Best of the Best 3rd place both days and Adult Ring 8th place
Naomi Nargilo won - Best opp. sex in longhair cat grou
Harmonija Nargilo won - Best female cat in scottish fold cat show

Exhibition "Pet Expo 2022"
March 12./13th

Conor Caruso Wonder Wave won - 4th place in Adult Ring
Nikki Silver Andy's won - 2nd place in Adult Ring


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